About Us

GLS Garage Equipment is the registered trademark for service equipment of Gülersan Lubrication Equipment. We are expanding our product range every year in the field of service and garage equipment. Our GLS Garage brand takes us on a different and beautiful journey. 85% of GLS Garage products are imported and the remaining 15% is produced by Gülersan.

In addition, we have added the dealerships of many brands, especially BOSCH Electric hand tools, İZELTAŞ Mechanical hand tools, GEDORE Mechanical hand tools, OSAKA Pneumatic hand tools brands, which are the unchanging players of the sector.

Thanks to our trained staff, we carry out solution-oriented projects with our stores in Istanbul and Ankara.

GÜLERSAN, which has contributed to the development of the Turkish industry since its establishment and has implemented many new investments, increases the quality in the sector day by day with its long years of experience.
More employment and greater customer satisfaction with our innovative approach, which has brought us to where we are today, is our greatest wish and goal.