CNC Cart Wıth 20 CNC Morse Holders 2205

CNC Cart Wıth 20 CNC Morse Holders 2205

Technicial Specifications

    Width 650 Mm        
    Depth 510 Mm        
    Height 980 Mm        
    Color Ral 5015        


Usage Areas

In our CNC transport cart; Standard adjustable plastics are used for BT 30-40-50 morse taper and HSK 16-32-40-50-63-80 taper. Special fixed plastic holder is used for Capto C6 and HSK100.

Product Advantages

Our cnc transport cart; BT 30-40-50 AND HSK 16-32-40-50-63-80 are suitable for the use of all morses. There are 3 adjustable feet in each plastic. The 1st surface of the legs is 2 degrees 34 minutes, suitable for HSK holders. The 2nd surface of the feet is 8 degrees 17 minutes and is suitable for BT holders. It provides safe shipment of your cnc morse holders from one place to another.