Workbench With 10 Drawers And 1 Cupboard 3646

Workbench With 10 Drawers And 1 Cupboard 3646

Technicial Specifications

    Width 2200 Mm        
    Depth 600 Mm        
    Height 850 Mm        
    Color Ral 5015        


Usage Areas

Helps to fulfill manufacturing and maintenance purposes in workplaces at boundless variety of sectors such as mould making, machinery, manufacturing, aviation, automotive, textile, medical, jewellery, logistic, pharmaceutical, construction etc.. Furthermore serves for hobby works.

Product Advantages

Workbench model frame allows to increase functionality by changing existed equipment or adding requested new equipment such as drawer cabinets, cupboards, shelves, linbins, vice, etc. Bottom chassis allows relocation by forklift. Worktop options are 30mm white laminated chipboard, 40mm plywood, 30mm solidwood. Worktop cover options are PVC coating, galvanized metal or stainless steel.