Tarus Pressure Washers

Tarus high-pressure car washing machines start from 110 bar pressure ratio and can reach up to 500 Bar pressure depending on the usage area. Despite the fact that triggerless car washing machines are used unconsciously in the industry, all Tarus branded pressure washers are offered for sale with a trigger (total stop) due to occupational

Foam Spray Pumps

Tarus foam or liquid spray pumps are offered to our users in different capacities. These pumps, which have a tank capacity of 24, 60, 80 Lt, work with the help of air. The biggest advantage is brush etc. It provides vehicle or environment cleaning with foam or cleaning liquid that you spray with a gun

Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners are classified according to the number of motors, motor power, wet-dry pulling feature, quiet motor or whether they are suitable for use with detergents. Tarus industrial vacuum cleaners are suitable for car wash stations, hotels, gas stations, mosques, factories, administrative offices, etc. appear in the fields. Tarus vacuums, whose capabilities have been

Air Heater

Tarus hot air generators are another cleaning equipment that has become widespread in recent years. Thanks to this product, the seats or upholstery, which are washed by vacuum cleaners with carpet and seat washing feature, are dried in a short time. Tarus air hot air generator can reach temperatures up to 90 degrees in four